Fifty Shades Freed
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After sailing through dark and stormy waters, Christian and Ana are finally wed ready to start a new chapter in their lives. But, the arrival of Ana’s ex-boss and a voluptuous architect hired to design the couples dream home poses a threat to their blissful existence.

Having come to terms with the many lovers that have come before her, Ana (Dakota Johnson) is finally at peace with Christian’s (Jamie Dornan) colourful past and the pair become husband and wife.

After a blissful honeymoon living the life of luxury, the happy couple return home and go back to work. But, things are only normal for a short period. Ana is threatened by her ex-boss Jack (Eric Johnson), who is still bitter from being sacked by SIP and out for blood.

Meanwhile, an attractive female architect hired to design the couple’s new home makes it clear she has eyes for Christian, and doesn’t back down even when confronted by Ana. Worse still, Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger), the woman who seduced a teenage Christian and introduced him to BDSM, is back on the scene to stir up trouble.

With Jack’s threats becoming more and more dangerous, and Christian’s past haunting them once again, Ana begins to feel the heat and wonders if she’s made a major mistake after all.


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