Prices of Admission

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Regular Tickets

(Aged 16 & over)

Luxury £8.95 / Ultra £9.95 / Elite £10.95

(Aged 15 & under) & Senior (Aged 60 & over)

Luxury £6.95 / Ultra £8.95 / Elite £9.95

(2 Adult & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children)

Luxury £22 / Ultra £30 / Elite £34


3D Movies

3D Tickets + £1.50 per person

3D Glasses are free loan and must be returned, requiring a £1.00 deposit-refundable upon leaving.

Prices above are relative to normal shows.


Event Cinema & Special Screenings

Prices for Event Cinema and special screenings vary on performance. Live transmissions may sometimes have technical issues outside of our control.


Luxury: These are our standard seating

Luxury: These are our standard seating

Elite: These are reclining and have extra leg room, they are positioned in the auditorium where you will get full surround sound effect. These are £3 extra

Ultra Luxury: These are the last 3 rows of seating, they have head rests and extra leg room. These are £2 extra


Palace membership deals are subject to terms and conditions. To receive any member bonus you must have your membership card with you at the time of purchase.

Membership and/or deals and offers may be revoked at any time. Membership is free but requires 24 hours to process upon receiving your application. We do not charge for 3 and under but you will be asked to leave the auditorium if your child is causing a disturbance. Tickets are non-refundable. If we are unsure of your age you will be asked to show ID for any age rated films. Prices are correct as of 12/01/2024.

In accordance with fire regulations, push chairs, buggies & prams are not allowed beyond the box office.

Very occasionally a film will fail to arrive, in that circumstance we reserve the right to change the programme without notice.

We strive to offer the best environment for moviegoers and to that end we have a zero tolerance towards poor behaviour in our cinemas. We also reserve the right to refuse admission.

Managers decision is final.